Yes, I’m still alive

Holy crap, it’s been over a year since I posted anything here.  It’s been a crazy year too, but it’s all been good.  It’s also been about a year since I’ve had a game of TAC II, and It’s about time to get back into it.

When I created TAC II, I wanted it to be usable in any scale … however I’ve only ever played it in 6mm (my favorite scale).  So, finally I’m about to test it out using 15mm miniatures (Team Yankee stuff mostly).  I’ll use a ground scale of 5″ = 100 meters.

Here are some of the minis I’m working on.  I’ll be doing a desert scenario, nothing specific but a sort of 1st desert war type thing.  The US units will be all sand color and the bad guys will be a two color camo sand and green.


M551 Sheridan Card Added

A new card for the M551 Sheridan was added today.  This card combines the 152mm gun and Shillelagh data on to one card.  When TACFORCE was released this gun and missile data was divided between two cards, now it’s on one.  You can find this new card on the Vehicle Card page.


New cards added tonight

Tonight I added new card that has all of the Russian ATGMs on one card.  So you if have a vehicle that you want equipped with an ATGM you can use this generic ATGM card for it’s firing data.

Also there was a typo on the US / NATO ATGM card so you’ll want to download the new version and print it.

Also the Russian GAZ Tigr with Kornet ATGM system had a pretty significant error on the ATGM data so I fixed that card and uploaded a new one.

All of these cards are available on the Vehicle Cards page.

New Vehicle Card Added

With GHQ releasing the Russian GAZ Tigr Kornet ATGM system (AT-14 Spriggan) I’ve added a vehicle data card for that vehicle.  You can find this new vehicle data card on this page.  This is a very powerful ATGM with a range of 5500 meters.  This missile will cause serious problems for a lot of heavily armored tanks.  The AT-14 missile has a 70% chance of penetrating the front of an M1A2 Abrams 😦

FirefoxScreenSnapz075If you want a pack of these vehicles, you can get the directly from GHQ or from GameCraft Miniatures

TAC II Printed Rule Book

DXO_0329I had another batch of rule books printed, and as usual I am offering these at my cost. You pay what it cost me to have them printed and shipped to me, not a penny more.

This one is the latest version, version 2.10.

As always, I encourage you to download the free PDF file first and then if you want a printed copy, have your own printed or buy one of the ones that I have had professionally printed and bound.

I got a better price on the printing this time so instead of $20.25, this batch is selling for $17.95.

Get yours here