New “Dash For Cover” Rule

Tonight I uploaded version 2.09 of the TAC II rule book.

As a result of more play testing today I have added a new rule to the TAC Rule Book.  The new rule is the “Dash For Cover” rule.  (Part 2, Sec. B, Rule 3B3) page 25.

This rule is similar to the “defilade dodge” but covers vehicles that are in the open and being fired upon by ATGMs.  See the example below.  The M1 is in position “A” when he spots an ATGM coming at him from the BMP.  Assuming that any part of the M1 (or it’s base, if based) is within 100 meters of hard cover like a building or terrain feature, he can execute a Dash For Cover and move into position “B” on the graphic below.  The Dash For Cover will only cover as much ground as necessary to achieve cover, no more.  This maneuver will half the chance of the ATGM hitting it’s target.  In the next friendly movement phase the M1 will pay a 50% movement allowance penalty due to executing this maneuver.