New cards added tonight

Tonight I added new card that has all of the Russian ATGMs on one card.  So you if have a vehicle that you want equipped with an ATGM you can use this generic ATGM card for it’s firing data.

Also there was a typo on the US / NATO ATGM card so you’ll want to download the new version and print it.

Also the Russian GAZ Tigr with Kornet ATGM system had a pretty significant error on the ATGM data so I fixed that card and uploaded a new one.

All of these cards are available on the Vehicle Cards page.

I Made A Card Caddy

I made myself a few card caddies for my TAC II and TACFORCE cards.  They work great so I decided to make them available to anyone else that wants them.  You can get them at my company, GameCraft Miniatures by clicking this link.