Change Coming in TAC II Rules Book 1

Up till now, the rules for TAC II have talked about two methods of resolving combat.

The first method uses the Vehicle Data Tables and Weapons Data Tables and cross referencing the shot tables to resolve combat.  This is admittedly a complicated and somewhat awkward way of doing things.  It’s been this way for a long time since I was constantly updating and expanding the Vehicle Data Sheets and the Weapons Data Sheets and it just made sense to use those charts when playing the game.

The second method talked about in the rules is using the Vehicle Cards that you can download from this site.  This is a far more streamline and faster way of playing the game.

I had both options available for a long time since in the beginning there were very few Vehicle Cards available.  Now there are many more cards online and I think it’s ok to modify the rule book so that it only talks about using the Vehicle Cards (TACFORCE style cards).  This should make the combat system WAY more easy to understand and make gaming a whole lot faster and better.

The Vehicle Data Sheets and Weapons Data sheets will remain on the site and will always be available to anyone that wants them (for non-commercial, private use) but they will no longer be referenced in the rule book as a way of resolving combat.  If you like using the data sheets in your gaming, please feel free to keep using them.  If you want a rule book that talks about the data sheets, be sure you save your existing TAC II Book 1 Version 2.04 or earlier.  Starting with Version 2.05, only the Vehicle Cards will be mentioned.