Argentinian TAM Tank

argentina-flagToday I created and uploaded a vehicle data card for the Argentinian TAM tank.  These are the medium tanks used by the Argentinian Army.  The vehicle is based on the Marder APC with a turret that is based on the Leopard 1A4.

I also made a few minis of the TAM for myself.  To make these I used GHQ Marders (N41) and turrets from GHQ Leopard 1A4s (N72).  In reality the turret on the TAM has a slightly different shape to the back half of the turret, but the standard GHQ Leopard 1A4 is close enough in my opinion.

The TAM tank is actually a pretty special vehicle in TAC II history.  Way back in 1983 or 1984 I was playing TACFORCE at Fort Sill Oklahoma with a friend of mine when he said “I really like the Argentinian TAM tank and I wish I could use it in this game.”  That was the exact moment that I decided that I needed to figure out a way to expand TACFORCE and keep it current with new vehicles …. and TAC II was born on that day.  It only took 32 years … but we finally have a TAM card and I have a few miniatures also.  Perhaps I should try to find my old friend George and let him know that he play his TAMs now if he wants 🙂