Playing with myself again ,,, Playtesting that is

Just did a little playtesting tonight with emphasis on Conventional Fire Factors and Infantry.  I personally prefer tank vs tank games in this scale, I find that using infantry bogs down the game a bit …. but still I like to have it as an option so did some work in that area tonight.  Everything went well, I found a minor error on the infantry card for the 3rd World Infantry so I corrected that and I also discovered that the Rifle Squad conventional fire data assumed a squad with a Light MG, so I added a row on the card for a rifle squad without  Light MG,,, just in case that ever comes up.
For the purposes of this test game, each figure represented a Fire Team.

Infantry Cards Added

IntantryToday I added cards for infantry.  These cards include conventional fire factors for fire teams / Rifle Squads both with and without MGs, anti-armor tables for large MGs and movement data on the back.

You’ll find these cards on the “Vehicle Cards” page.  The US Infantry card works for most NATO countries, the Russian Infantry card can be used for any country that uses Russian made weapons.  There is also an Infantry card for 3rd world nations/Insurgents, it’s basically a copy of the Russian card.

Also added today to the Data Sheets and Rules page is an Artillery Deviation card.
Note: A Conventional Fire Combat Results Table is coming soon.  This is needed for resolving artillery fire and infantry fire as well as small vehicle mounted weapons used in a conventional fire (against infantry and soft targets) role.