Vehicle Cards

Vehicle cards for use with TAC II and TACFORCE

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Numbers to the right of the vehicle card listings (starting with the letters “GHQ”) are direct links to GHQ Micro Armor for those that want to purchase these vehicles in 1/285th scale from

3rd World
Toyota Technical (Pickup Truck)    – (GHQ TW6  GHQ TW7)
Casspir    – (GHQ TW21)
Nyala RG-31    – (GHQ TW18)
Ratel 20    – (GHQ TW17)
Ratel 90    – (GHQ TW22)
3rd World Infantry and Insurgents – Version 3  – (GHQ TW1 TW2 TW8 TW9 TW12  TW13 TW26)
Mamba APC    – (GHQ TW19)

TAM Tanque Argentino Mediano

    – (GHQ N557)

M1A1 SA AIM    – (GHQ N553)

Infantry   (Can also be used for any NATO country)
Anti Tank Rockets
US / NATO ATGM Data – V2

AAVP-7    – (GHQ N143)
Apache Longbow    – (GHQ AC37)
Buffalo EOD    – (GHQ N514)
Cougar 4×4    – (GHQ N517)
Cougar 6×6    – (GHQ N526)
Fast Attack Vehicle / Desert Patrol Vehicle    – (GHQ N522
HEMTT    – (GHQ N95  GHQ N96)
HMMWV (Version 2, Target Hardness fixed)    – (GHQ N63 N79 N518)
HMMWV Up Armored – (GHQ N513)
LAV-25    – (GHQ N68)
M-ATV    – (GHQ N535)
M113 APC and M577 Command Post     – (GHQ N51)
M901 Improved TOW Vehicle     – (GHQ N49)
M1 Abrams (105mm) – (GHQ N34 )

M1A1 Abrams – (GHQ N61)
M1A2 Abrams – (GHQ N115)
M1A2 Abrams TUSK    – (GHQ N531)
M2 Bradley    – (GHQ N48)
M551 Sheridan
M60A2 – (GHQ N607)
M60A3 – (GHQ N98)  Version 2, Open speed corrected

M60A3 With Reactive Armor    – (GHQ N99)
M1083 Truck    – (GHQ N129)
MTVR Mk23 Truck    – (GHQ N524)
M270 MLRS    – (GHQ N64)
M142 HIMARS     – (GHQ N567)

Stryker    – (GHQ Nvarious)
Stryker M1128 Mounted Gun System    – (GHQ N137)
Stryker M1296 Dragoon w/30mm
Stryker With SlatArmor
US Air Defense Data
Riverine Command Boat (CB90)

Achzarit    – (GHQ IS10)
M113 Zelda    = (GHQ IS5)
M113 Tamuz with Spike ATGM    – (GHQ IS17)
Magach 6B    – (GHQ IS14)
Magach 7D    – (GHQ IS7)
Merkava Mk1    – (GHQ IS6)
Merkava Mk2
Merkava Mk3
Merkava Mk4    – (GHQ IS11)
Namer    – (GHQ IS13)


CV9030, CV9040 and CV90105    – (GHQ N584 N574 N577)

United Kingdom
Centurion and Challengers     – (GHQ Nvarious)
FV510 Warrior ICV    – (GHQ N572)
MVC-80 Warrior 2     – (GHQ N573)
FV103 Spartan     – (GHQ N59)
FV107 Scimitar     – (GHQ N58)
FV101 Scorpion    – (GHQ N56)
FV721 Fox    – (GHQ N114)
Land Rover    – (GHQ N582)

Warsaw Pact / Russia
Infantry – Version 3, Rifle Squad without Light MG added  (Can be used for any country using Russian weapons)
Anti Tank Rockets
Russian ATGM Data
BRDM-2 – Scout and ATGM Versions    – (GHQ W14 W4)

BMP-T    – (GHQ W87)
BMP-1    – (GHQ W88)
BMP-2    – (GHQ W35)
BMP-3    – (GHQ W66)
BMD-1    – (GHQ W26)
BMD-3    – (GHQ W94)
BTR-50PK, BTR-60PB, BTR-80, and BTR-80A    – (GHQ W21 W17 W61 W84)
BTR-T with 30mm and AT-5 Spandrel    – (GHQ W90

GAZ Tigr    – (GHQ W98)
GAZ Tigr Kornet (corrected card) (AT-14 Spriggan)
– (GHQ W106)
T-55    – (GHQ W43)
T62  – (GHQ W1)  (Version2, speeds corrected)
T64A  – (GHQ W36)

T-72    – (GHQ W81)
T-72 With Reactive Armor
T-72 TUSK    – (GHQ W101)
T-80     – (GHQ W45)
T-80U    – (GHQ W65)
T-90  Updated with AT-11 missile data – (GHQ W67)
T-14 Armata MBT  –  (Gcmini 285MET008)
T-15 Armata APC
Russian Air Defense Data
Mi-24 Hind D    – (GHQ AC18)
Mi-28 Havoc –  (GHQ AC114)


Leopard 1A3, 1A4, and Leopard 2   – (GHQ N72  GHQ N52)
Leopard 2A6 MBT   – (GHQ N124)
Leopard 2A7 MBT
Jagdpanzer Kanone and Rakete    – (GHQ N44  GHQ N45)
Marder    –  (GHQ N41)

Fuchs 6×6 and Luchs 8×8      – (GHQ N54  GHQ N71)
MAN Trucks – 5 Ton, 7 Ton, and 10 Ton     – (GHQ N82  GHQ N83  GHQ N84)

The Netherlands
YPR-765 – 25mm
YPR-765 – TOW

AMX-13 – 105mm 
AMX-13 – 90mm
    – (GHQ N67)
AMX-40 LeClerc MBT
    – (GHQ N116)
VAB-VCI 6×6 
(Véhicule de l’Avant Blindé)   – (GHQ N108)
VAB 4×4 
(Véhicule de l’Avant Blindé)   – (GHQ N112)
(Véhicule de l’Avant Blindé)   – (GHQ N519)
(Véhicule blindé de combat d’infanterie)     – (GHQ N544)
(Véhicule Blindé Léger)    – (GHQ N520)

EIFV (Egyptian Infantry Fighting Vehicle)    – (GHQ TW25)

South Africa
Mamba APC    – (GHQ TW19)

Ariete MBT   – (GHQ N588)
Freccia IFV – 25mm – (GHQ N593)
Centauro 105mm  – (GHQ N589)

Malakastan (Allen’s private “Imagini-Nation”)
Tigri/Τίγρη – (Tiger) – German Leopard II
CV90105 Liontari/Λιοντάρι – (Lion) – Swedish CV90105
Gata/Γάτα – (The Cat) – Similar to Argeninian TAM Tank


26 thoughts on “Vehicle Cards

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    • Andy,,, I do not have the time to do the research at this time .. but if you email me the stats (at ), I’ll make the card.

      I need to know:
      What gun it has
      What it’s armor is (especially if it’s identical (or near enough) to another soviet tank)
      It’s size (ie: “same size as a T-XX)
      What machines gun(s) it has
      Top road speed

      Any similarities to another existing card would be helpful … like if you said “it’s just the same as a T-XX but has a XXXmm gun” ,,, that would make life simpler 🙂


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  9. Would love to see data cards for UH-1 Hueys, AH-1 Cobras, UH-60J Blackhawks, A-10s, and Predator drones… but thanks for all you have done so far in keeping the game alive!


    • Anthony, thanks for the comment. Now that I’ve finished my new game room I can get back into playing TACII … once that happens I’m sure I’ll be well into making new data cards and stuff. Looking forward to getting back to the game I love.


  10. Hello Allen! I got a problem with the vehicle cost table. I see there are vehicles in the list which are not present in the vehicle data cards page, like the m109 paladin, the motorcycle or the m163 vulcan. Will be there any update to these vehicles?


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