About TAC II

TAC II – The modern miniatures wargaming system for all scales

TAC II is a project that I have been working on since the 1980’s when GHQ/GDW released TACFORCE.  TACFORCE was modern wargaming rules for use with Micro Armor.  When I say “modern”, I mean modern as of 1980 when it was published.  At the time of printing, the most modern vehicle card in the deck was the M-60A3 Main Battle Tank.  There was also something called the “XM-1” but that was still just a theoretical vehicle.

Sadly, TACFORCE was abandoned after it’s publication.  I think it sold well but for some reason GDW/GHQ did not see it as a product worth keeping.  Obviously I disagreed with that position.

From the time TACFORCE was published, I have been updating the data to keep up with new vehicles and weapons.  I named my project TAC II, short for TACFORCE Version 2.

The files on this site are the result of my efforts since 1980 and I am offering them you to use, free of charge.  This license to use these files is for personal use only, no commercial or for-profit use of my data is allowed.  I want to provide this information to the gaming world for free and I do not want anyone taking my work and profiting from it.  That is not the point of this project.  This is a labor of love and is not meant to be a commercial product.

9 thoughts on “About TAC II

  1. Nice job!! I had TACFORCE many, many years ago. Had a very large collection of WWII and Modern GHQ and CinC. Also had a very large collection of ROCO. Things happened along the way. Got rid of it all and now wish I hadn’t. Slowly buildinbg back up what i once had. I’m aiming at getting into making modular terrain panels too. I like the TAC II system. A Fistful of Tow’s lacks detail. I just baought Tractics ( Ihad back then) a couple of months ago off of e-bay. I had these way back then as well. We actually had a wargaming club in High Schoo (1976…lol). My poly-sci teacher caught bwind of us playing panser leader and tobruck in ther library during stufy hall hours. He got us club status and we were playing after hours in the school. Not sure what i can do but if you need some help let me know. I’m verry good with spreadsheets. I write application software for the pc. Keep up the good work!



  2. I just came across your rules last night after a friend suggesting looking for the old Tacforce set. So far I like what I see. The vehicle cards are brilliant! Where did you get the buildings in the vehicle cards video?


      • I got a copy of TacForce, need me to scan n post the Sheridan?

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      • OK, BTW was just planning on doing a 73’ war scenario with your rules yesterday. Hope to get a game in this Friday. A little Golan Hts thing.

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