A quick comment about comments

I just had to delete a comment from the site for the first time.  The comment in question was not bad, foul, profane or anything like that, it simply had nothing at all to do with TAC II and therefore I did not think it belonged here.  The post talked about two other micro armor game systems and even included a link to where you could buy one of them.

This site is my site and is a place where I can share this labor of love that I’ve been working on for the last 30+ years.  Please try to keep comments on this site relating to TAC II and TACFORCE.  I know there are dozens (or more) other games out there and they probably have websites, forums. or blogs that might be a better place to talk about them.

The TAC II project is a totally non-profit venture that I give away for free to anyone that wants it …  so I’m not even a little bit concerned with “competing” with other games,,, as a matter of fact, the more games there are, the stronger the hobby gets … I just want to keep the comments here on topic,,, and the topic is TAC II 🙂



Spotting Table Updated

Today I uploaded a new version of the spotting table.  In this new version there are two new visibility categories:
Category 3.5: Infantry Moving Partially Under Cover
Category 4.5: Vehicle Moving Partially Under Cover

Both of these are to be used anytime a vehicle or infantry spends about half it’s movement phase under cover and the other half in the open.  The referee will use these two visibility categories at his/her discretion when “In Open” and “Under Cover” do not apply perfectly.

Download the new table here.

Sample Player Unit Record Sheet

SamplePlayerUnitRecordI created a sample Player Unit Record Sheet that you can download, print and use.  This is the exact player unit record sheet that I used for the demo game I ran on my “In the Game Room” show.  The forces are almost perfectly balanced so that neither side has an advantage.  Just roll for CP ratings and then create Fire Priority ratings and start playing.

The sample Player Unit Record can be found on the Data Sheets and Rules page.


Vehicles needed to play are 5 or each*:
M2 Bradley

GAZ Tigr

* You could increase those numbers if you like, just keep them equal per side, for example 8 M1A1s and 8 T-90s, 12 M-2 Bradleys and 12 BMP-2s …

New “Dash For Cover” Rule

Tonight I uploaded version 2.09 of the TAC II rule book.

As a result of more play testing today I have added a new rule to the TAC Rule Book.  The new rule is the “Dash For Cover” rule.  (Part 2, Sec. B, Rule 3B3) page 25.

This rule is similar to the “defilade dodge” but covers vehicles that are in the open and being fired upon by ATGMs.  See the example below.  The M1 is in position “A” when he spots an ATGM coming at him from the BMP.  Assuming that any part of the M1 (or it’s base, if based) is within 100 meters of hard cover like a building or terrain feature, he can execute a Dash For Cover and move into position “B” on the graphic below.  The Dash For Cover will only cover as much ground as necessary to achieve cover, no more.  This maneuver will half the chance of the ATGM hitting it’s target.  In the next friendly movement phase the M1 will pay a 50% movement allowance penalty due to executing this maneuver.


Revision 2.08 of the TAC II Rules Online

I added a section for portable ATGMs that covers setup time and reloading time.

I’ve designated the setup time for portable ATGMs at 2 turns (2 minutes).  I realize that all systems are different and take different amounts of time to setup and many take 4-5 minutes in the best of conditions … but some smaller games only last 4 or 5 turns so I just decided that making the setup time for all portable ATGMs two minutes was the best playable solution.  This is not totally accurate but it works … this rule falls into the “relax dude, it’s just a game” category  🙂

You’ll find the new rule (Part 2, Section B, Rule 3F) on page 25 of the book.

Download it now from the Data Sheets and Rules page.