M551 Sheridan Card Added

A new card for the M551 Sheridan was added today.  This card combines the 152mm gun and Shillelagh data on to one card.  When TACFORCE was released this gun and missile data was divided between two cards, now it’s on one.  You can find this new card on the Vehicle Card page.


Lets be perfectly clear….

I’ve said this a thousand times over the years, but I just want to get it out there one more time tonight in case there is still any confusion.

TAC II is a labor of love project for me, I have been working on this project since 1983.  I have invested thousands of hours over the last 30+ years and spent more than a few dollars along the way as well.  All for the love of Micro Armor gaming.  I want to share this project with anyone that wants it for their personal gaming use.  The sole purpose for this project is to promote modern 1/285th scale wargaming (although TAC II can be played in other scales as well).  I hope to do my little part to make Micro Armor gaming as popular as it was when I started playing in 1979.

I had originally intended TAC II to be a project only for my own use, and it was for about 20 years or so.  Then about 7 years ago I thought it would be nice to offer it to anyone else that wanted it also.   An email exchange with GHQ (the original co-publishers of TACFORCE,, the system upon which TAC II was originally based) confirmed that they were fine with me distributing what I had created and they were of the same opinion as me, anything we can do to promote the hobby would be a good thing for everyone involved.

Every single bit of data that is downloadable from the site is 100% free to anyone that wants it*.  There is nothing for sale on this site all. I do not know who downloads which files, or how many times a file gets downloaded,,, none of this matters to me.

I know that there are a lot of rule systems that you can use for Micro Armor gaming,,, some of them are free and some cost money.  I do not care what system you use as long as you play.  I have never intended for TAC II to “compete” with any other game systems, as a matter of fact, when I started working on this project in 1983 I was not aware of any other similar product being available,, and that’s why I started this project.

So, everything here is free, take what you like and use it if you find it useful.  If not, please drag the files to your recycle bin and feel free to examine some of the other options available such as:

Micro Armor The Game, Modern (or WWII if you are so inclined)
Armor Heavy Team
Fist Full of TOWs
Team Yankee (yes, it can be played in 6mm)
Prowling Panzers
,,,, and others I cannot think of at this moment.

So,,, to sum up.  Get some rules and play.  I do not care if you buy them from someone, download them from me or someone else, borrow rules from a friend, or make up your own … just get some rules, some dice, some minis, a tape measure and some cotton balls for smoke (I use a lot of those when I’m playing) and just start playing.


* The only minor deviation from that statement is that I have, at my own expense, had 10 copies of the free downloadable PDF rulebook printed and bound and I have made them available at my cost to anyone that wants a copy,, saving you a trip to Kinkos or Staples to get it printed yourself.  I’ve given a few copies away to friends, so even if I sell the remaining copies I will be in the red on the deal … but that’s fine, as I said, I’m promoting the hobby and this is not a for-profit venture.

A quick comment about comments

I just had to delete a comment from the site for the first time.  The comment in question was not bad, foul, profane or anything like that, it simply had nothing at all to do with TAC II and therefore I did not think it belonged here.  The post talked about two other micro armor game systems and even included a link to where you could buy one of them.

This site is my site and is a place where I can share this labor of love that I’ve been working on for the last 30+ years.  Please try to keep comments on this site relating to TAC II and TACFORCE.  I know there are dozens (or more) other games out there and they probably have websites, forums. or blogs that might be a better place to talk about them.

The TAC II project is a totally non-profit venture that I give away for free to anyone that wants it …  so I’m not even a little bit concerned with “competing” with other games,,, as a matter of fact, the more games there are, the stronger the hobby gets … I just want to keep the comments here on topic,,, and the topic is TAC II 🙂



I Could Use Your Help

ManualScanA player that is new to TAC II asked me if I had a document that lists all the vehicles with detailed short descriptions of them like what was in TACFORCE, Book 2 (see attached image).  I do not have anything like that but I think it would something nice to have for newer players or players that are not familiar with all the latest modern vehicles and their capabilities.

So, what I was thinking is that if any of you have a little time on your hands and want write up some short vehicle descriptions, about one paragraph long, and then send them to me, I’ll start putting together a document that includes all of them.  This document will be something that continues to grow over time so there is no need to worry about doing all the vehicles at one time.

So, if you’d like to help with this, please go to the Vehicle Data Card page and pick a few vehicles that you’d like to write up. Not too many, this should be a chore.  You can pick more later.  Look at the page I’ve scanned from the original TACFORCE manual to get an idea of what a short description should look like.  Most of the info you need can be found on Wikipedia, but avoid simply cutting and pasting from the site, try to use your own words a bit to make it more personal.

When you get a few done, email your document to me at allen@gcmini.com and I’ll start compiling the master document.

Leave a reply on this post below telling others which ones you’ll be doing so that they do not double up on the ones you have picked.