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Did you know that there is a TACFORCE/TAC II Facebook page?

I made it some time ago and have not done a whole lot with it .. but I’m trying to use it more and more lately.  Like it if you want and keep up with what’s posted there.  Thanks.




I Could Use Your Help

ManualScanA player that is new to TAC II asked me if I had a document that lists all the vehicles with detailed short descriptions of them like what was in TACFORCE, Book 2 (see attached image).  I do not have anything like that but I think it would something nice to have for newer players or players that are not familiar with all the latest modern vehicles and their capabilities.

So, what I was thinking is that if any of you have a little time on your hands and want write up some short vehicle descriptions, about one paragraph long, and then send them to me, I’ll start putting together a document that includes all of them.  This document will be something that continues to grow over time so there is no need to worry about doing all the vehicles at one time.

So, if you’d like to help with this, please go to the Vehicle Data Card page and pick a few vehicles that you’d like to write up. Not too many, this should be a chore.  You can pick more later.  Look at the page I’ve scanned from the original TACFORCE manual to get an idea of what a short description should look like.  Most of the info you need can be found on Wikipedia, but avoid simply cutting and pasting from the site, try to use your own words a bit to make it more personal.

When you get a few done, email your document to me at allen@gcmini.com and I’ll start compiling the master document.

Leave a reply on this post below telling others which ones you’ll be doing so that they do not double up on the ones you have picked.

Russian T-90 Vehicle Card Updated

T90The T-90 vehicle card has been updated to version 2 and now includes data for the AT-11 Sniper missile.  The AT-11 Sniper is fired through the 125mm smooth barrel of the main gun and must be fired from a full stop.  Also during any fire phase when the AT-11 is fired, the main gun cannot be used for conventional anti-armor rounds.  The AT-11 is a laser beam riding missile that is controlled by the gunner as he keeps a laser spot on his target until the missile hits the target.  The AT-11 plays like any other ATGM, it is declared at the beginning of the fire phase and it is resolved at the end of the phase.  If the firing vehicle is destroyed or suppressed, the missile does not hit it’s target.

Special thanks to Anthony Beav for contributing info on this topic.

Argentinian TAM Tank

argentina-flagToday I created and uploaded a vehicle data card for the Argentinian TAM tank.  These are the medium tanks used by the Argentinian Army.  The vehicle is based on the Marder APC with a turret that is based on the Leopard 1A4.

I also made a few minis of the TAM for myself.  To make these I used GHQ Marders (N41) and turrets from GHQ Leopard 1A4s (N72).  In reality the turret on the TAM has a slightly different shape to the back half of the turret, but the standard GHQ Leopard 1A4 is close enough in my opinion.

The TAM tank is actually a pretty special vehicle in TAC II history.  Way back in 1983 or 1984 I was playing TACFORCE at Fort Sill Oklahoma with a friend of mine when he said “I really like the Argentinian TAM tank and I wish I could use it in this game.”  That was the exact moment that I decided that I needed to figure out a way to expand TACFORCE and keep it current with new vehicles …. and TAC II was born on that day.  It only took 32 years … but we finally have a TAM card and I have a few miniatures also.  Perhaps I should try to find my old friend George and let him know that he play his TAMs now if he wants 🙂

Russian T-14 Armata

Today I added a card for the new Russian T-14 Armata Main Battle Tank.  You can find it in the “Vehicle Cards” section.

There is relatively little known about this new tank and lot of the information available is good educated guesses at best.  So please understand that the data on the T-14 card is not guaranteed to totally accurate, but it’s certainly close enough to be playable.  As more info becomes available and/or the design of the vehicle changes, I’ll do my best to keep up with the most current data and update the card.

The T-14 is a monster vehicle, slightly larger than any of the M1 variants, it also has very impressive armor.  The T-14 will be slightly harder to penetrate than the M1 but due to it’s larger size it will be slightly easier to hit than an M1.   While the T-14 uses a 125mm smooth bore gun just like the T-72, T-80 and T-90, it has an improved autoloader system. As a result the T-14s rate of fire is 8 rounds per turn (4 per fire phase) just like the Abrams.

In a head to head battle between a T-14 and M1A2, neither of the tanks is going to penetrate the other’s front armor … but if either one gets oblique or side shots on the other, there will be problems 🙂

If you need to take out a T-14 from the front, a Hellfire missile might be your best bet.

T-14 Data Card

Playing with myself again ,,, Playtesting that is

Just did a little playtesting tonight with emphasis on Conventional Fire Factors and Infantry.  I personally prefer tank vs tank games in this scale, I find that using infantry bogs down the game a bit …. but still I like to have it as an option so did some work in that area tonight.  Everything went well, I found a minor error on the infantry card for the 3rd World Infantry so I corrected that and I also discovered that the Rifle Squad conventional fire data assumed a squad with a Light MG, so I added a row on the card for a rifle squad without  Light MG,,, just in case that ever comes up.
For the purposes of this test game, each figure represented a Fire Team.

Mistakes on three vehicle data cards corrected

The US HMMWV and HMMWV Up Armored each had a minor mistake which is now fixed. The 3rd World Infantry card had a mistake on the conventional fire factors for 0-200 meters.  I also noticed that the conventional fire factors listed were for a rifle squad with light machine gun but I did not have a listing for a rifle squad without light machine gun.  I added that.

Links To Micro Armor

I’m starting to add links on the Vehicle Data Card page for people that want to play TAC II with GHQ Micro Armor in 1/285th scale (6mm).
You’ll start to notice to the right of each card link is some text in brackets that starts out – (GHQ ….)  This tells you the GHQ part number for the vehicle listed.  You can order these vehicles directly from GHQ, pick them up at your local hobby shop, or click on the link and it will take you to that product on the GameCraft Miniatures website.

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I Made A Card Caddy

I made myself a few card caddies for my TAC II and TACFORCE cards.  They work great so I decided to make them available to anyone else that wants them.  You can get them at my company, GameCraft Miniatures by clicking this link.