Spotting Table Updated

Today I uploaded a new version of the spotting table.  In this new version there are two new visibility categories:
Category 3.5: Infantry Moving Partially Under Cover
Category 4.5: Vehicle Moving Partially Under Cover

Both of these are to be used anytime a vehicle or infantry spends about half it’s movement phase under cover and the other half in the open.  The referee will use these two visibility categories at his/her discretion when “In Open” and “Under Cover” do not apply perfectly.

Download the new table here.

4 thoughts on “Spotting Table Updated

  1. We could probably use a small entry for units that have higher or lower ground attempting to spot, Don’t need to be a huge bonus, just 5% could make a difference. Another option would be to make it incremental +/- based on elevation(ex: +/-2 percent for every 100 meters elevation difference between the attempted spot up to 500m). Just spit balling here, but I think elevation should have an advantage besides just potentially having better line of sight. Thoughts?


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