Ready for tomorrow’s TAC II game

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Tomorrow I will be playing TAC II with my friend Chris and we will be filming the game for a tutorial video I’m doing for In The Game Room.  The board is all set up and the cameras are in place.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

If all goes well the video demo will be a two camera shoot with the main camera shooting straight across the table at the two players and another camera mounted on the ceiling looking almost straight down on the board.  The overhead camera will be the main view with the player view being a “picture in picture” window overlaid over the main video.

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1 thought on “Ready for tomorrow’s TAC II game

  1. I can’t wait to see the game in action. Its been about 32 years since i tried the game. IIRC, my friend frank set up 8 M60a1’s and i put out 10 T-72’s(i had just got TACFORCE the day before direct from GDW mail order, and we were very excited to try the game.) on my card table, just to have a “test game” so to speak. I put out a few trees, a small 6 house “village”, some rocks i found in the stream in back of my house, and some clumps of lycan for “brush. A masking tape “road”, and we were ready for a classic “meeting melee”!
    Long story short, we had a blast that rainy saturday afternoon, way back in my youth(i was 17 years old at the time).We played 3 times, frank winning the first game, my soviets took the second, and the last game was a nail biting american victory for the tye breaker.
    I am so happy to have found TAC2. I think its a great game, and i think Alan has done a really good thing by bringing the game back and updating the system.

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