Want To Help Out?

I am working on expanding the data for determining CP (Combat Proficiency) ratings for forces when generating a scenario.  When TACFORCE was written they came up with a good system that that used the randomness of the die roll but modified the rolls based on predetermined modifiers.  These modifiers took into account the force’s training level, professionalism, experience, leadership, general moral, etc …. basically the die roll was modified by a “bad-assness” factor.  For example a third line Warsaw Pack army would have a modifier of 1 and a US Army Delta Force unit might have a modifier of 5 or 6.

When TACFORCE was published, they created CP die roll modifiers for US and Warsaw Pact units only.  My goal is to expand this to cover many, many more countries.

So if you have a lot of knowledge about various military forces around the word and want to help, I would appreciate it.

I have attached an Excel spreadsheet that lists about 50 different forces from 31 different countries.  If you would like to help me out with this project, download the spreadsheet and then in the left hand column you will see a space for rating, enter a score between 1 and 10 in that column rating each force in general bad-assness.  For example a local Iraqi insurgent force might have a score of 1 or 2, and an IDF Special Forces Unit or US Delta Force Unit might be somewhere in the area of 10.  I know a lot of the scores will be in the area of 5 (that would be normal) with a few down around 1-3 and a few up as high as 8-10,,, that’s fine, I just want your opinion as to the better trained, more disciplined, and more combat ready forces.  DO NOT take into account quality of weapons, firepower, etc …. just things like training, professionalism, proficiency, general moral, and overall combat readiness.  Think about who you would most want to face in a battle (if you had to) and give them a 1, then think about who you would least like to face in a battle and give them a 10 ,, then fill in all the ones in between.

Please try to be objective, do not give your home country all 10’s 🙂

When you are done with the spreadsheet please email to me at allen@gcmini.com

Click the link below (Right-Click and “Save As…”) to download the file.
The file is MS Excel format, created on a Mac, so don’t worry about viruses.


4 thoughts on “Want To Help Out?

    • Gibby, that number is different for every APC, you can find that info on many sites like WikiPedia, just search to for the particular vehicle you are interested in. For the purposes of TAC II, each APC carries one squad or fire team. The exact number of troops is not relevant because an infantry counter is a “team” or “squad” and operates as such. As the rules were originally designed for 1/285th scale gaming, using individual figures is not practical. Most of my infantry stands have 4-5 guys on them … but again it does not really matter as they are all treated as a Fire Team.
      Infantry Stand


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